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"Birth of A Band..." Book re-released for 40th Anniversary Edition of Present Tense Album 

In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the original release of the Present Tense album, the book; "Birth of A Band, The Record Deal and The Making of Present Tense" by Jeff Murphy is being re-released as a special 40th Anniversary Edition with more photos and a new Epilogue to the original book from 2007.  While the main body of the book remains largely the same as the original release, there have been tweaks, corrections and additional text and photos added with updates current to early 2020.  In…

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New Vinyl 7" Single From Spain! 

A new 7" vinyl single of 2 songs from the Ignition album is set to be released on June 15th by the Spanish label; You Are The Cosmos.  The single features "The Joke's On You" for side A and "Wrong Idea" for side B with a color picture sleeve.  This limited edition import release will be distributed in the US through Get Hip Recordings and other outlets.

Elektrafied Box Set Now Available As An Import! 

The NEW "Elektrafied: The Elektra Years 1979-1982" 4-disc, 90 track box set from Cherry Red Records UK is now available in the US as an import!  We'd like to encourage folks to purchase from their local indie record shop or favorite online indie music vendor, whenever possible.  Folks like:

     Kool Kat Musik :

     Collectors' Choice Music :

     Music Millennium…

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New SHOES box set coming in March 2020! 

Our friends at Cherry Red Records in the UK have put together another great box set of Shoes archival and previously unreleased tracks called; "Shoes Elektrafied-The Elektra Years 1979-1982".  The 4 disc, 90-track collection includes the 3 Elektra album releases of Present Tense, Tongue Twister and Boomerang along with the home 8-track demos for each of those songs.  Also included is the 6-song live EP, "Shoes On Ice" and a scattering of rare and unreleased tracks.

We don't know who will be importing the…

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Shoes and Cheap Trick 

On June 7th Cheap Trick played a show at the Genesee Theatre in their old stomping grounds of Waukegan, IL.  John and Gary (Jeff was out of town) decided to go to the show and pop backstage before the gig to say "Hi".  Singer Robin Zander came over to chat and persuaded the boys to come out on stage during the encore to sing backing vocals on "Surrender".

Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 is finally out! Read some early reviews. 

The BVS Anthology box set started shipping on friday, 8/31/18 and the pre-order sales on Amazon helped it to bounce into their top 300 of the Best Sellers Ranking in CD Releases!

Not being released domestically, the initial reviews are from UK publications.  Here's one from Loud As War:

But here's a stateside review from the All Music Guide:

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Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 boxset available for Pre-order from Amazon! 

The new Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 box set is currently available for Pre-order from Amazon.  But, we have discovered that it is listed INCORRECTLY on their website under THE Shoes (oh, brother) and under the erroneous name of Black Shoes Anthology!!!  If you go there to search for it, you won't find it easily, due to these listing mistakes!  While we don't like to endorse any particular vendor for our products, we would like to make it easier for folks who would like to pre-order this new boxset…

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New Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 boxset coming 8/31/18 ! 

A new 3-disc boxset called Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 is coming August 31 from the UK label Cherry Red Records.  This 58 track compilation features remastered versions of the Black Vinyl Shoes album, the One In Versailles album and the Bazooka album, in addition to 16 rare tracks, outatkes and previously unreleased tracks.  The boxset includes a 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes. This is the most complete collection of the early years (pre-Elektra) of the band that has ever been…

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