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Ignition (2012) CD
  • Ignition (2012) CD
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Ignition switches on with 15 fresh, vital tracks. Self-produced and released on the band’s own Black Vinyl Records, Ignition not only carries on Shoes’ cult-heroic tradition of edibly tuneful, harmony-honeycombed guitar pop; it ventures intriguingly beyond those comfortable (though undeniably rewarding) borders as well. Altogether the work of seasoned, mature musicians whose singular trajectory as 100-percent self-taught, self-created recording artists has been outside-the-box since it began, Ignition showcases Shoes at their technical and artistic peak.

Head vs Heart ● The Joke's On You ● Diminishing Returns ● Heaven Help Me ● Maybe Now ● Wrong Idea ● Sign of Life ● Hot Mess ● Where Will It End ● Say It Like You Mean It ● I Thought You Knew ● Nobody To Blame ● Out Of Round ● In On You ● Only We Remain

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35 Years - The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977 - 2012 (2012) CD
  • 35 Years - The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977 - 2012 (2012) CD
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Shoes and Real Gone Music have teamed to release the first-ever career-spanning retrospective of the band. "35 Years—The Definitive Shoes Collection" includes 21 tracks chosen by Shoes and taken from all eight of their studio albums that saw an official release, starting with the DIY masterpiece of 1977, Black Vinyl Shoes, through the three albums (Present Tense, Tongue Twister and Boomerang) released on Elektra, the three albums (Silhouette, Stolen Wishes and Propeller) the band self-released in the ’80s and ’90s, and culminating in a newly-released track, “Say It Like You Mean It,” from Ignition. Included are classic Shoe-tunes like “Tomorrow Night,” “Too Late,” “She Satisfies,” “In My Arms Again” and “Feel the Way That I Do.”

Tomorrow Night • She Satisfies • A Thing of the Past • Love Is Like a Bullet • Too Late • Okay • Girls of Today • In My Arms Again • Curiosity • Don't Do This To Me • Only In My Sleep • Get My Message • Feel The Way That I Do • Three Times (See Me, Say It, Listen) • The Summer Rain • Your Devotion • Your Very Eyes • Say It Like You Mean It • Oh, Angeline • Burned Out Love • Torn In Two

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Double Exposure (2007) 2-Disc CD Demo Set
  • Double Exposure (2007) 2-Disc CD Demo Set
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This 2-disc, 30-song retrospective includes Shoes’ original, 8-track demos that not only landed the band their major label deal, but also became the foundation for their first two major-label releases, Present Tense and Tongue Twister. Recorded in their basement studio from 1978 to 1980.

Hangin' Around With You • Every Girl • Too Late • Your Very Eyes • Tomorrow Night • Take You Away
Jet Set (Ver. 1) • Cruel You • Three Times • I Don't Wanna Hear It • In My Arms Again
Somebody Has What I Had • I Don't Miss You • Ever Again • Now and Then • When It Hits
Only In My Sleep • Yes Or No •  In Her Shadow • Found A Girl • She Satisfies • The Things You Do
A Voice Inside Me • Jet Set (Ver. 2) • Karen • Hopin' She's The One • Hate To Run • Burned Out Love
Girls Of Today • Time To Make It

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Cantilever (2007) CD
  • Cantilever (2007) CD
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The first solo effort from SHOES' Jeff Murphy. This 11-song collection was self-produced and engineered at home, in the spirit of the first McCartney album, Emitt Rhodes early works and Todd Rundgren's "Something/Anything".

I'm A Tool For You • A Couple of Words • Never Let You Go • Havin' A Bad Day • You're An Icon
You Never Listen To Me • Some Day Soon • It Happens All the Time • She Don't Drive
Won't Take Yes For An Answer • Unconditional Love

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As Is (1996) 2-Disc CD Set
  • As Is (1996) 2-Disc CD Set
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This limited edition two-CD set is jam-packed with 2 1/2 hours of Shoes rarities. Disc One includes previously unreleased tunes, alternate mixes, rough demos and other tidbits from 1973 through 1994. Disc Two includes two early Shoes albums from the mid '70s, Bazooka and One In Versailles. Each copy is individually numbered and autographed by the band. Only 1,311 copies were manufactured. Absolutely guaranteed to contain all the pops, rattles, ticks, hum and hiss of the original tapes for your listening pleasure! 

A Voice Inside Me • Rugged Terrain • Jet Set • Nothing Means More • Full Bite • Laugh It Off
Black and Blue From You • My Husband's Home • Baby's Gone • Ever Again • Lickety-Split • Capital Offense
What Never Was • Take You Away • Imagination du jour • Words Of Love • Tomorrow Night • I Wanna Hide
Rock 'n' Roll Freak • Karen • Lucky Tail • Victorious • Too Late • Feel The Way That I Do • I Miss You
A Thing Of The Past • Animal Hell

Pinheads • Move It Or Lose It • Rock Your Own • Along With Love • Love Took A Turn • Alone But Satisfied
New Meat • I'm Brazen • The Atlantic • My Anisette • Snap! • Educated • Like I Told You

Dance In Your Sleep • Do I Get So Shy • Un Dans Versailles • Kristine • Something I Can't See • Eggroll Rock
Song For Her • One Night • No, I Don't • The Sun • One In Versailles • Banjo

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Fret Buzz (1995) CD
  • Fret Buzz (1995) CD
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Recorded during a rare live appearance, this CD captures Shoes’ rockin’ side with stripped-down versions of their hook-laced, timeless pop.

Animal Attraction • Mayday • When Push Comes To Shove • Want You Bad • I Don't Wanna Hear It
Turnaround • Love Is Like A Bullet • Your Devotion • Feel The Way That I Do • Silence Is Deadly
Tore A Hole • In Harm's Way

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Tore a Hole (1995) Single CD
  • Tore a Hole (1995) Single CD
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The first CD single from Propeller includes three live bonus tracks all recorded December 30, 1994 at the Double Door in Chicago.

Tore A Hole • Tore A Hole [live] • Never Ending [live] • Tomorrow Night [live]

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Propeller (1994) CD
  • Propeller (1994) CD
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"Propeller is spine-tingling pop of the first rank" wrote Stereo Review in just one of many incredibly great reviews of this 1994 release. With guest drummers Ric Menck (Velvet Crush) and Mike Zelenko (Material Issue).

Animal Attraction • Treading Water • Don't Do This To Me • The Last Of You
Slipping Through Your Fingers • Tore A Hole • Bittersweet •  If All I Had Was You • In My Mind
Silence Is Deadly • A Thing Of The Past • Never Ending

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Stolen Wishes (1990) CD
  • Stolen Wishes (1990) CD
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In a four-star review Rolling Stone described Stolen Wishes as "...a great unpretenious rock & roll album that deserves to be heard by a mass audience."

Feel the Way That I Do • I'll Follow You • Love Does • Let It Go • Your Devotion • I Knew You'd Be Mine
Want You Bad • Town In Two • She's Not The Same • Untangled • I Don't Know Why • Inside of You
I Can't Go Wrong • Love Is Like A Bullet • Never Had It Better

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Shoes Best (1987) CD-R
  • Shoes Best (1987) CD-R
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This 22-song retrospective covers Shoes’ career from 1976 to 1987. Includes 6-panel fold-out with foreword by Ira Robbins. Rolling Stone wrote, “Shoes Best is a feast of shimmering neo-sixties power pop.” 

Burned Out Love • Tomorrow Night • Turnaround • Get My Message • Love Is Like A Bullet • Karen
Mayday • She Satisfies • When Push Comes To Shove • Too Late • Your Imagination • Now And Then
The Summer Rain • Curiosity • Pieces Of Glass • Will You Spin For Me? • Too Soon • Double Talk
Boys Don't Lie • I Don't Wanna Hear It • I Don't Miss You • Hate To Run

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Silhouette (1984) CD-R
  • Silhouette (1984) CD-R
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In 1984, this release was warmly received by critics throughout Europe. Now available in the U.S., the album includes three bonus tracks. Includes 12-page booklet w/lyrics.

Get My Message • Will You Spin For Me? • When Push Comes To Shove • Shining • It's Only You
Twist And Bend It • I Wanna Give It To You • Turnaround • Running Wild • Oh, Angeline
Bound To Fade • Suspicion • Pieces Of Glass • A New Sensation • Dormant Love

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Boomerang with bonus Shoes on Ice (1982) CD-R
  • Boomerang with bonus Shoes on Ice (1982) CD-R
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Boomerang received 3 1/2 stars from Rolling Stone. Shoes On Ice is a 6-song live recording of a 1981 concert in Shoes’ hometown of Zion, Illinois. Includes 8-panel fold-out w/lyrics.

In Her Shadow • Curiosity • Mayday • Too Soon • Double Talk • The Summer Rain • Under The Gun
The Tube • What Love Means • Bound To Be A Reason • Shake It Away • Tested Charms
Too Late [live] • Hangin' Around With You [live] • Cruel You [live] • In My Arms Again [live]
She Satisfies [live] • Hate To Run [live]

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Present Tense (1979) /Tongue Twister (1981) CD-R
  • Present Tense (1979) /Tongue Twister (1981) CD-R
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This double record is a compilation of Shoes’ first two Elektra albums. Each received an avalanche of great reviews following their original releases in 1979 & 1981.

Tomorrow Night • Too Late • Hangin' Around With You • Your Very Eyes • In My Arms Again
Somebody Has What I Had • Now And Then • Every Girl • I Don't Miss You • Cruel You
Three Times [See Me/Say It/Listen] • I Don't Wanna Hear It • Your Imagination • Burned Out Love
The Things You Do • Only In My Sleep • Karen • She Satisfies • Girls Of Today • Hopin' She's The One
When It Hits • Yes Or No • Found A Girl • Hate To Run

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Black Vinyl Shoes (1977) CD-R
  • Black Vinyl Shoes (1977) CD-R
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Shoes’ maiden release, recorded in 1977, was hailed by critics as a welcome return to concise songwriting, hummable melodies and inventive arrangements. Includes 8-panel fold-out w/lyrics.

Boys Don't Lie • Do You Wanna Get Lucky? • She'll Disappear • Tragedy • Writing A Postcard
Not Me • Someone Finer • Capital Gain • Fatal • Running Start • Okay • It Really Hurts • Fire For Awhile
If You'd Stay • Nowhere So Fast

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YuleTunes (1991) CD
  • YuleTunes (1991) CD
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Sixteen pop songs with seasonal themes featuring Shoes, The Spongetones, Matthew Sweet, Material Issue, Marti Jones & Don Dixon, 92 Degrees, The Critics and more. 

  1. The Idea "It's About That Time (Angotti)
  2. Material Issue "Merry Christmas Will Do" (Ellison)
  3. Leroy "Santa Stole My Baby" (Bocchieri)
  4. Shoes "This Christmas" (John Murphy)
  5. Matthew Sweet "Baby Jesus" (Sweet)
  6. Spooner "The Saddest Time Of The Year" (D. Benton/D. Erikson/B. Vig)
  7. The Cavedogs "Three Wise Men And A Baby" (Stevens/Spahr/Rivers)
  8. The Spongetones "Christmasland" (Stoeckel/Walters/Hoover)
  9. 92 Degrees "A God Of My Own" (Steffens)
  10. Marti Jones & Don Dixon "Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday" (Jones/Bell)
  11. Bill Lloyd "Underneath The Christmas Tree" (Lloyd)
  12. Kelley Ryan "It's Not Christmas" (Ryan)
  13. Herb Eimerman "You Gave Me" (Eimerman)
  14. Big People "Piece For Christmas" (Kelly)
  15. The Critics "She Feels Like Christmas Day" (Mantegna/Winer)
  16. The Puddles "The Christmas List" (Jeff Murphy)
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"Birth of A Band, The Record Deal and The Making of 'Present Tense'" Book-TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
  • "Birth of A Band, The Record Deal and The Making of 'Present Tense'" Book-TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
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Not available

This 8-1/2" x 11", paper back book documents Jeff Murphy's personal rememberences and photos of how Shoes formed and progressed in their early years, culminating in the recording of their first major-label release, Present Tense in England. Includes dozens of color pictures and mementos from the time as well as anecdotes and "Behind-the-Scenes" details of their progression from garage band to major-label recording artists.

"By late 1977 the reviews for Black Vinyl Shoes started rolling in. At first it started locally, from the Chicago press and then it started to spread out to national and even international writers. The album was well received by the press and the numerous fanzines that were springing up everywhere. Bill Paige, Cary Baker, Don McLeese and Moira McCormick were a few of the Chicago area writers that were early supporters of Shoes. These critics and writers were incredibly helpful in spreading the word about the album and referring other writers to us. The press requests started to really explode and we ended up sending out over 300 copies of the original BVS pressing to critics and music publications. It was our first taste of the power of networking. Ira Robbins from New York's Trouser Press and Robert Christgau from The Village Voice were also among the growing number of national publications to lend their support. Another one of the publications that took notice was a magazine from Los Angeles called BOMP! founded by underground music impresario and entrepreneur, Greg Shaw..."

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