"Birth of A Band..." Book re-released for 40th Anniversary Edition of Present Tense Album

In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the original release of the Present Tense album, the book; "Birth of A Band, The Record Deal and The Making of Present Tense" by Jeff Murphy is being re-released as a special 40th Anniversary Edition with more photos and a new Epilogue to the original book from 2007.  While the main body of the book remains largely the same as the original release, there have been tweaks, corrections and additional text and photos added with updates current to early 2020.  In addition to the paperback print version, the book is also now available as an ebook for a nominal fee.  It should start appearing in your favorite book seller's listings, but for now you can get the ebook and read a preview here on Amazon (click on the ebook and then the "Look Inside" link):


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