1. Capital Gain
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Lyrics by Shoes

Black Vinyl Shoes (1978)
Composed by Jeff Murphy


His pockets are empty and his bills are extreme
But his financial condition is not as bad as it seems

With him there's no indecision, he knows it's easy to fall
He doesn't play for percentage, he's in it winner take all

He's out for capital gain, he'll do what he has to do
He's out for capital gain, it's all for a penny or two

Let the buyer beware, if they're buying their wares from him
And when he's doin' a favor, watch out or he'll do you in

Don't turn your back, 'cause he's out for himself
And he plays it for keeps
Always on guard, givin' less than he should
Takin' more than he needs


Jeff: lead and backing vocals, electric guitars
Gary: backing vocals, electric guitar
John: backing vocals, bass, percussion
Skip: backing vocals, drums