1. If You'd Stay
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Lyrics by Shoes

Black Vinyl Shoes (1978)
Composed by Jeff Murphy


I'm not ready to lose you
I'm not ready to lose my life
All of my worldly possessions
All that I've got I would give to you

If you'd stay, if you'd stay
If you'd stay with me for awhile
I'm waiting to see which way
Will you stay with me for awhile?

Why do you try to avoid me?
Why do you try to avoid the point?
It's easy for you to forget me
It's easy to see I'd do anything

I know, I know you cheat me
I know they talk behind my back
But somehow it doesn't affect me
Somehow this feeling is worth the fight


Jeff: lead vocals, electric guitars, percussion
Gary: electric guitar, percussion
John: bass, percussion
Skip: drums