1. Pinheads

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Lyrics by Shoes

Bazooka (1975)


They're out of time
Incentive to move
But jelly for minds
We've got pinheads
Comin' out of our ears
They swim in their pools, with their fears

A pinhead
Stops on a dime
He stares at the sun, makes him blind
As Pinheads, usually go
He'd cut off his face to spite his nose

Playin' a game
Don't know the rules, just the name
It's pinheads
In it for keeps
Free and understandin'
Like a flock of sheep

I saw, I saw a lonely boy
Standing away from it all
I saw, saw the same lonely boy
In a time, time of his own

Like it like that
They dump all they can in your lap
Hey, pinhead
You can't justify what you run for
Your shoes are untied