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Cantilever (2007)
Composed by Jeff Murphy


Everyday's a challenge when you can't define your goals
Even though you've been to school there's much that you don't know
Maybe there's no answer when you look inside your soul, I don't know

Livin' through the TV screen is all you'll ever know
Kings and Queens live out your dreams in themes from long ago
Maybe that's the answer, maybe life's a dream

You're havin' a bad day. It's just another one.
Havin' a bad day. There's plenty more to come.
If you sit inside and sigh you can't expect your world to change
You're havin' a bad day.

Play the game of everyday it seems you never win
Close the door at home behind you. No one else gets in.
Fear brings isolation. What makes you cut and run? I don't know.

Watching from your window you see people passing by.
Staring at the stars at night you often wonder why
That you can't see the answer it eludes you like you're blind

You're havin' a bad day
It's ringing in your ears
Havin' a bad day
And days can turn to years
Why not wait until tomorrow, or better yet next week
You're havin' a bad day.

Just havin' a bad day
That's really all it is
Havin' a bad day
And yesterday was just like this
How come nothing ever changes?
In your ignorance is bliss
You're havin' a bad day.