1. Some Day Soon

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Cantilever (2007)
Composed by Jeff Murphy


Someday troubles will fade, we'll find a way to smile
Just wait and see, you'll be laughing with me
Someday soon

Someday just down the road, we'll see things go our way
It can't be that far from right where we are
Someday soon

Wishes come true if you know what to do
Daydreams might just become real
Hold up your chin when the world closes in
You'll see how well time can heal

Someday skies will be blue, sunshine will break thru the gray
Then after the rain only rainbows remain
Someday soon


Hard as it seems just hang on to your dreams
Holding out hope isn't wrong
There'll come a day when we look back and say
All of our troubles are gone

Someday things will be great, I'll celebrate with you
And we'll sing a tune by the light of the moon……
Someday soon, Someday soon
Someday, someday, someday soon.