1. Your Very Eyes

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Lyrics by Shoes

Present Tense (1979)
Composed by John Murphy


Had some time to sit and think things through
There's not really much left that I can do
Many more have lost at what I had saved
It would have been too easy to blow away

Are you gonna let me have my way
I don't care what the others have to say
Let me be the one that holds on to the tears
When it gets dark I want you nears

You only see me when you want to, baby
After all you try to hide
I'm gonna make a change to show you, baby
Right before your very eyes
These eyes that have seen only me

Yesterday will get you when it's gone
I don't wanna become your idle pawn
Sipping your white wine with that confident tease
You get your laugh when I say please
And baby, one will be there that sighs my name

It isn't hard to understand you, baby
Or what it is you try to blame
Let's forget I ever showed up baby
'Cause you're gonna play this game
And you know how these games seem to fade