1. Wrong Idea

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(John Murphy)


Lyrics by Shoes

Composed by John Murphy


What’s gotten into you lately
It’s hard to know where I stand
‘Cause nothin’ good has ever come out of
Disassembling what we’ve learned about love

Tried to explain the situation
It’s gotten way out of hand
Things get blown out of proportion
And caused a problem where there never was one

Just let it lay where it may land

Don’t get the wrong idea, baby
Don’t let ‘em box you in
You’re not prepared to handle love again
There’s no tellin’ how it shoulda been
So the wrong ideas don’t do you in

It’s no use to figure every angle
If you know what’s good for you
It’s a thankless job--at least that’s what I’ve heard
I feel that I’ve bent over backwards

How could you not see what it’s grown into


The thoughts I keep inside all still apply
I’ve been hopin’ you’d help me to understand
Can’t ya tell that I’d never wanna jeopardize
What we have so that’s why I’ll try the best that I can


Can’t we try to come to some agreement
Don’t be so sure that we can
We hit a snag--that’s all there is to it
It’ll take a little push to get through it

You leave me no choice than to play my hand

Don’t get the wrong idea, baby
Don’t let ‘em box you in


John: lead/backing vocals, Papoose guitars, bass
Gary: backing vocals, electric guitars
Jeff: backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars