"40th Anniversary Edition-Birth of A Band, The Record Deal and The Making of 'Present Tense' " -Book
  • "40th Anniversary Edition-Birth of A Band, The Record Deal and The Making of 'Present Tense' " -Book
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Released in 2020, this is a 40th Anniversary, updated version of the original 8-1/2" x 11", paper back book that was released in 2007. There have been updates, corrections, new pictures and Epilogue added. It documents Jeff Murphy's personal remembrances and photos of how Shoes formed and progressed in their early years, culminating in the recording of their first major-label release, Present Tense in England. Includes dozens of color pictures and mementos from the time as well as anecdotes and "Behind-the-Scenes" details of their progression from garage band to major-label recording artists.

"By late 1977 the reviews for Black Vinyl Shoes started rolling in. At first it started locally, from the Chicago press and then it started to spread out to national and even international writers. The album was well received by the press and the numerous fanzines that were springing up everywhere. Bill Paige, Cary Baker, Don McLeese and Moira McCormick were a few of the Chicago area writers that were early supporters of Shoes. These critics and writers were incredibly helpful in spreading the word about the album and referring other writers to us. The press requests started to really explode and we ended up sending out over 300 copies of the original BVS pressing to critics and music publications. It was our first taste of the power of networking. Ira Robbins from New York's Trouser Press and Robert Christgau from The Village Voice were also among the growing number of national publications to lend their support. Another one of the publications that took notice was a magazine from Los Angeles called BOMP! founded by underground music impresario and entrepreneur, Greg Shaw..."

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