Jeff Murphy to serve as panelist at CD Baby's DIY Musician Conference 10/24/15

CD Baby, the on-line source for virtually ALL aspects of independent music distribution, promotion, streaming outlets and sync licensing is hosting it's 1st ever DIY Musician Conference at Chicago's Congress Plaza Hotel the weekend of Oct. 23-25!  The weekend event will encompass many panels, performances and seminars specifically geared towards the DIY musican.  It promises to be a wealth of useful information for novice and veteran musicians as they navigate the landscape of DIY music production and indie/self-distribution.

Amoung the various topics, showcases and panels, Jeff Murphy will be a featured speaker on the panel entitled, "Careers that Break the Mold: How Three Indie Artists Are Creating Their Own Path" on saturday, October 24th at 11:30am.  There will also be a "Hang Out" room after the panel, to sit and chat "one-on-one" with the panelists.

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